Exotic Microlepidoptera

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1936
Authors:E. Meyrick
Journal:Exotic Microlepidoptera
Taxonomic name: 
Brenthia (Taxonomy), Brenthia coronigera Meyrick (Taxonomy), Brenthia cyanaula Meyrick (Taxonomy), Brenthia harmonica Meyrick (Taxonomy), Brenthia melodica Meyrick (Taxonomy), Brenthia trilampas Meyrick (Taxonomy), Choreutis achyrodes (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis anthorma (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis antichlora (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis antiptila Meyrick (Taxonomy), Choreutis argoxantha (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis collapsa (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis cothurnata (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis dichlora (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis diplogramma (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis euclista (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis eumetra (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis holachyrma (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis ialeura (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis itriodes (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis ludifica (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis niphocrypta (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis porphyratma (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis psilachyra (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis strepsidesma (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis tomicodes (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis torridula (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis trogalia (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Choreutis xanthogramma (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Hemerophila milliaria (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Hemerophila orinympha (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Hemerophila triacmias (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Ornarantia chorica (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Ornarantia scenophora (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Rhobonda heliaspis (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Rhobonda palaeocosma (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Saptha aeolodoxa (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Saptha sybaritis (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Saptha tabularia (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Tebenna agalmotopa (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Tortyra cantharodes Meyrick (Taxonomy), Tortyra chalcobathra Meyrick (Taxonomy), Tortyra hyalozona Meyrick (Taxonomy), Tortyra malacozona Meyrick (Taxonomy), Tortyra sporodelta Meyrick (Taxonomy), Tortyra Walker (Taxonomy), Zodia chrysosperma (Meyrick) (Taxonomy), Zodia ochripalpis (Meyrick) (Taxonomy)
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